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Location: Ohio State University. Columbus, OH. Microbiology Department. Job Title: Teaching Associate. 1976-1979. Courses included: 1) Microbiology in relation to man (laboratory) - Designed to give the student an understanding of microorganisms which have a bearing on the physical and economical well-being of man. Course for non-majors. 2) General Laboratory- A laboratory course emphasizing fundamental microbiological techniques. Course for majors and pre-professionals. Location: Institut fur Mikrobiologie und Biochemie. Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg. Erlangen, Germany. Job Title: Tutor-EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organization) 1979 (April 9-29). Course: Plasmids- A course in advanced techniques taught to students from twenty-three different European Countries. Plasmids are small autonomously replicating, circular DNA structures found inside Microorganisms.