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Health Survey Conducted at ESHG, May 7-10, 2005

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Dr. McKinstry's Awards and Honors- 2007 New Addition!


AWARDS AND HONORS: 1) Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. 2) Graduated Cum Laude - Stillman College. Tuscaloosa, AL. 3) Graduate student representative on the committee for the selection of Dean of the College of Biological Sciences, Ohio State University. 4) Graduate student representative on The Ohio State Microbiology Department Graduate Committee. 5) Sigma Xi, Full Membership. 1978-1979. 6) American Men and Women of Science. 7) Who’s Who in the Midwest. 8) Personalities of America . 9) The World’s Who’s Who of Women. 10) Abbott Laboratories Presidential Award. 11) Who’s Who in the World. 12) Who’s Who of American Women. 13) Personalities of the South. 14) Who’s Who of Intellectuals. 15) Distinguished Leadership Award. 16) 5000 Personalities of the World. 17) International Leaders in Achievement. 18) Who’s Who in the South. 19) Who’s Who in Science and Engineering. 20) Who’s Who in the South and Southwest. 21) Woman of the Year- 1999. 22) Millenium Hall of Fame- 1999. 23) Leading Female Personalities. 24) 500 Leaders of Influence. 25) 1000 World Leaders of Scientific Influence. 26) Leading Intellectuals of the World. 27) Who’s Who of Women Executives. 1989-1990 28) 2000 Notable American Women. 29) International Who’s Who of Business and Professional Women. 30) Great Women of the 21st Century. 31) 2005 Woman of the Year. 2005 32) 2005 Woman of Achievement. 2005 33) The World’s Who’s Who. 34) Honorary Appointment- American Biographical Institute Advisory Board.