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What You Should Know About Gene Amplification International-2006 Update!


FIVE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: 1) What is the nature of your consulting business? Answer: Gene Amplification International is an Environmental Consulting Agency with capability to advise on diverse environmental issues. The company offers environmental consulting services covering eight main topics. They are: I. Gene environment interaction and human aging (The G-E-E-N-A link). II. Natural disasters and the environment. III. Climate changes and the environment. IV. Consumer recycling and the environment. V. Hazardous waste-associated acquired genetic disorders. VI. Compliance and enforcement of environmental laws (U.S.A). VII. Bioremediation (bacterial). VIII. New!!! Added this year 2006: Aerospace microbiology and the environment. (2) What kind of clients does your consulting business have? Answer: Any business or individual who has an interest in the company's consulting services. The company's client base is not restricted to just one group in society. The environment is of interest to everyone. Therefore, the company markets to the general public, private or public companies, governmental agencies and others. Gene Amplification International will offer the client, whether individual, business or governmental, a quick-response, reliable service, accurate and referenced information covering eight very interesting environmental topics. (3) How many clients does your consulting business have? Answer: Confidential (4) What is the nature of your clients' businesses? Answer: It would be diverse since the company's clients can be from the private and public sector of society. (5) What exactly does your company do as an environmental consulting agency? Answer: Company personal is available for consulting services at any time on an environmental topic of interest to the client and on which the company has expertise. The environment is a huge subject-matter. Therefore, the company mainly specializes and has expertise limited to eight very diverse environmental topics listed above. The company has held an active business license with legal status since opening. Performance of services is based on agency availability and signed contracts. There are virtual office hours for contact, 24 hours, 7 days a week. See bottom of the home page for details. Above information added 08/16/2006.