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Health Survey Conducted at ESHG, May 7-10, 2005

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Health Survey Conducted at ESHG, May 7-10, 2005


Results of the independent survey conducted by GAI at the ESHG 2005, Prague, Czech Republic, May 7-10, 2005 are below. The survey was in no way associated with the organizers of the meeting. To all survey participants from various countries (Finland, Sweden, Slavacia, USA), thank you! Age of participants, all female, ranged from 22- 57. Survey was strictly voluntary. 1) 100% said they exercised (organized) routinely. The average was 3 days/week, 1 hour/day. 2) The most popular types of exercise mentioned (more than 1 type could be mentioned per person) were walking (80%), biking (60%) , aerobics (40%), jogging (40%). 3) Those exercising 1-5 years (40%), 6-10 years (40%), > 10 years (20%). 4) None of the participants had significant physical limitations that prevented them from exercising. 5) 40% said they lived a sedentary lifestyle with very little to no physical activity. 6) 100% drank tea. Of those, 60% drank both tea and coffee. 7) 80 % drank 4 or more glasses of water per day. 20% said they drank 0 glasses of water per day. 8) 80% drank alcoholic beverages sporadically. 20% drank them weekly. 9) 80% said they eat well. 20% gave no answer to the question. Most popular answer for what “eat well” meant was , “low fat or not much fat diet.” 10) 80% had a healthy body weight based on Body Mass Index (BMI) ranging from 21-23. 20% had a BMI averaging 27, overweight range. 11) 20% planned meals weekly based on total calories. However, 40% thought they should. 12) 80% took vitamins such as C, E, Multi. Of those, 20% took vitamins daily. 60% took them sporadically. 13) 60% took herbs such as Echinacea (sporadically), ginger, cinnamon, and garlic, ranging from daily to sporadic usage. 14) 60% took food supplements such as selenium, calcium, zinc and cod liver oil pills, also, ranging from daily to sporadic usage. 15) None of the participants were under a doctor’s care for a chronic illness. 16) None of the participants took prescription medications routinely. 17) 60% said they were in excellent health. 40% said good health. 0% said fair. 0% said poor. ****Data from this survey is accurately represented with no deviations as to significance. Experts say, “maintaining proper weight is essential to healthy living. The BMI is the most widely accepted measurement of weight according to health professionals.” Disclaimer: GAI is not responsible for any lifestyle changes made by anyone as a result of reading or hearing about the results of this survey. Survey results do not provide medical advice or lifestyle changes. It is highly recommended to consult a health care provider before embarking on any exercise program or medical lifestyle change.****