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Health Survey Conducted at ESHG, May 7-10, 2005

What You Should Know About Gene Amplification International-2006 Update!

RESUME- Dr. Grenetta McKinstry- 2007 New Addition!

Dr. McKinstry's Awards and Honors- 2007 New Addition!

Dr. McKinstry's Publications and Abtracts- 2007 New Addition!

Dr. McKinstry's Teaching Experience - 2007 New Addition!

SALE- Publications and Abstracts!!! New Addition- 2007

Dr. McKinstry's Community Service Activities (Past and Present)-2008 New Addition!

Gene Amplification's 10 most unusual environmental occurrences (UEOs) of 2008. New Addition 2008!



Bioinformatics Database for Hazardous Waste - Associated Acquired Genetic Disorders (HWAAGD).

Design of Microbial Bioremediation Systems.
Will design microbial systems for removal of hazardous waste substances from many contaminated environments (e.g. water, soil).

Nutrition,Exercise,Genetics,Aging and the Environment
NEW**Research suggests that the human body ages due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Lifestyle decisions (nutrition,exercise)are highly influential for successful aging. Can provide internet and scientific references. *See Disclaimer