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Welcome to the "twenty nineth" of a series of environmental updates. This environmental update is taken from "Hazardous Waste-Associated Acquired Genetic Disorders". G. McKinstry. European Journal of Human Genetics, Vol. 9, Supplement 1, May 2001, page 326 and P1154 (poster) presented at the 10th International Congress of Human Genetics (ICHG) meeting, May 15-19, 2001, Vienna, Austria. "Gene Amplification is an environmental consulting agency located in a northern suburb of Atlanta. The company is 14 years old. Recently, the company has focused on genomics and bioinformatics. Of great interest has been acquired genetic disorders due to exposure of humans living around uncontrolled hazardous waste sites. There has been much attention given to the exposure problem in the United States [(Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registries (ATSDR), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Research Council (NRC)] and to serious environmental cleanup efforts (Superfund Sites). Popular Superfund sites have included "Love Canal, New York," "Woburn Massachusetts,""Hinckley, California," and "Toms River, New Jersey." Other cancer-related hotspots have been recently highlighted (USA TODAY, October 5, 2000). There is serious concern for those individuals exposed to toxic waste and their genetic-related health problems. Increased occurrences of childhood leukemias, brain cancers, liver cancers, breast and ovarian cancers, gastrointestinal cancers, miscarriages, birth defects and low birth-weight babies all have been found associated with uncontrolled hazardous waste sites. Gene Therapy, Genetic Testing and Prenatal Diagnosis are new medical procedures that can be applied to deal with hazardous waste-associated acquired genetic disorders (HWAAGD). A database (HWAAGD) is being compiled and HWAAGD models formulated showing how these new genetic procedures can be used to deal with cases reported for "completed exposure pathway" sites." Environmental updates are also, provided at this site, highlighting these and other environmental-related issues. These updates can be easily downloaded to most computer printers. **Side Comment below: Taken from The Scientist 12[2]:1, Jan. 19, 1998 ( **"The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, for example is trumpeting a plan to identify polymorphisms that render some people more vulnerable to pollutants and elements like lead and iron. L. Carl Barrett, scientific director of the institutes division of intramural research , says the Environmental Genome Project could cost $60 million over five years. Basic parameters, such as the number and identity of candidate genes, however, have yet to be established." **At the time of this posting (06/01), the information contained within the side comment was 3 yrs. old, publication date Jan. 1998. Be sure to view this web site for another interesting and informative environmental update. We must all be concerned about the hazards in our environment. Let's all be vigilant and do our part to try and keep the environment safe for everyone. Please pass this information on to a friend. Tell them about this web site and continue to visit the web site for environmental updates. You can provide comments on our updates or request previous updates by contacting: Director, Environmental Informatics section of the Bioinformatics Dept., Gene Amplification International, P.O. BOX 500013, ATLANTA, GA, 31150,USA

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